Different types of global social media represent powerful marketing tools for cars business and marketing and marketing companies. This topic is bigger than a single topic can cover, so for now, we will stick to the basics.

Export lead generation

Which social media platform is the best generation tool developed? It should be Twitter. This commonly misunderstood application receives millions of users from all over the world every year.

In business, using Twitter is the best way to meet potential customers, partners and importers. The conversation can start on Twitter, but if you want to have a relationship with him, the conversation should move to an email, phone, video call, or face-to-face meeting.

All Twitter conversations should help you begin to determine the maturity of your customers, partners and contractors.

Internationally, you can also consider other sites. WeChat is the first social media website in China. China now bans the use of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Consider sending tweets and other information in the local language of the country relevant to your company. Also, be prepared to call for action via tweet / email. What do you want the contact to do? Too often, companies try to pull traffic to their website, which leads us to the next article. ..

New content

On average, customers can visit the company’s website four to seven times before contacting a business. If your company website does not change weekly (if not daily), there is no reason customers can return more than twice a day.

Meanwhile, all companies need to develop their own blog type and website and always provide content related to marketing purposes. Depending on the type of company and the global market your company serves, you may want to try a split or global blogging system.

For the separation process, the company may have different login pages for the region, region, or language. Each marketing section has its own blog, written in the local language, as well as showing local customers, market reports, etc.

In a global system, it is thought that customers may feel comfortable reading the business language that is commonly used as English. Blogging is to attract a wider audience.

If you are using a global system, be sure to edit the content to refer to your country that cannot be understood abroad. My typical example quotes national government agencies, such as the US IRS or the European CE mark. Avoid culturally sensitive idioms.

You can use social media to post new content on your website and drive your company online traffic.

Cars Export market research

Like many business and global marketing experts of used Honda cars in Japan, I like to combine the first and second analysis when researching new markets overseas. Since social media is about starting and developing conversations, I have found it especially useful in my marketing research. Similarly, Twitter is my favorite app. I can use clear criteria to find and meet contacts with new customers.

For example, I need to interview an experienced media professional in Milan to understand their views on an important part of the local market. I tweeted on Twitter: “Does anyone know that Milan has an experienced media player?” Within half an hour, I got the name of several media outlets recommending it in Milan. Many of these names carry an introduction from their source.

Using Twitter always reminds me of the degree of separation between me and good contacts.


Plan to identify potential customers

Whether you meet potential customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or some social media sites, you can use the list of currently eligible questions and ask them questions via direct Twitter message, Facebook message, etc.

After asking the two most important questions, Japanese cars exporters must ask for more contact information. For example, if your company sells bioscience-specific air purifiers that require an unfavorable environment, two qualified questions are: 1) the company is a bioscience company, as well as 2) whether they want to experiment with -perfect for product development and product design?

The second question seems to be the obvious requirement of any bioscience company, but this is not always the case in the international market. You may want to have a small conversation to build a relationship, but you can ask for a phone number, email or Skype address for an introduction after the message has been changed. Always be on the lookout, and for most businesses, keep your message in better sound quality.

Although the international business language is English, you will meet some potential customers in their native language. If language marketing is important to your company (for example, Spanish and Latin American markets), it may make sense to deliver interactive advertising in that market to your local media company. If you are doing this, you will need to be very clear about your marketing goals in the market and how you want to direct your social media.


Manage all international social media content

This type of social media will continue to become more and more important in the next few years. So it is worth investing time and resources to improve it effectively. First, do not hire your company store manager or another entrepreneur who has no experience in the field of Japanese used cars Toyota. Advertising is a powerful tool. Putting social media in the hands of those who find it difficult to identify business opportunities may not work.

Secondly, now there is no social media to send messages at home and abroad. That is, your company has no idea to look ahead, it could be poor in 5 to 10 years.

Third, regardless of the social media activity your company chooses to engage in, it should be subject to change over time. If there is a monthly blog or report, readers should rely on the time of publication of the monthly report.

For foreign markets, social interaction should be from a global perspective. Make sure you open up business opportunities outside your home market. To avoid isolating potential customers, in addition to government policies related to your company. Please avoid domestic and national political topics.