After 10 years of continuous growth of world auto production companies, it is going to decline their production in 2019 which will decrease the global production by about 5% of the year.

In the year 2019, the manufacturers produced approximately 92 million vehicles worldwide, which include 67 million cars and approximately 25 Million commercial vehicles.

Whole world vehicles manufacturing declined well in 2020 march the past year. 2020 January through 2020 September cumulative data show a 22.9% decrease in automobile production. Japanese used car exporters are benefiting greatly because Japanese cars are very valuable all over the world for their quality production of cars. 

There are the following countries: China, Japan, United-states, Germany, India, and Mexico which are known as the top six car producers all over the world. 


China is also known by its second name “world biggest manufacturers” and it is also the world-leading producer of cars. The 2019 production result says 26 million motor vehicles and 28 million cars and truck’s produced by China. 

They make 83% of cars for personal passenger use and about 4.3 million vehicles produced for commercial use. SAIC Motors Corporation Ltd is the largest vehicle manufacturer in China which will sell up to 6.2 Million vehicles in 2019.

United States of America

The USA produced about 11 million cars and trucks in 2019 but it is still the second-largest car manufacturer in the world, with just under 12% of market shares. It produces more passenger cars than Japan and Germany.  

The United-state highly makes commercial cars and because of it many of the countries sell their high amount of products in the USA respectively. 


This country produced about 9.7 Million of total vehicles in 2019, about 10.5% of vehicles that are used all over the world are made by Japan. Approximately 10.3 million personal used cars and about 1.4 million commercial vehicles.

Because of their Production, it comes in a close third, and Japan is also the homeworld largest car manufacturing company “Toyota” and Japan used car Toyota is also in high demand. In 2017 Japan exported 4.71 million vehicles which will increase in 2019 to about 4.82 million vehicles.



The top German car brands are BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz produced about 4.7 Million total cars in 2019. Germany’s annual car output is half of Japan’s.


India’s population is about 1.3 billion and India makes cars for their population because of this India produced 4.5 Million total vehicles in 2019.

But in 1990, India produced 362k motor vehicles which only goes to 8 lac in 2000. 


Mexico is on the sixth spot in the production of cars, Mexico produced about 1.38 Million passenger cars and 2.6 million commercial vehicles in 2019 which makes a total of 3.9 million cars produced by Mexico.


Honda cars of Japan make their name all over the world, and the used Honda cars in Japan are also highly demanded. Toyota and Honda, these two companies have a great role to make Japan the third-highest production of cars in the world.