Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, and they were once thought to be overly-large, gas-guzzling behemoths on the road. In recent years, they’ve become a more regular sight on British roads because of Japanese used cars, and SUVs’ great benefits, displacing hatchbacks and estates as the preferred family vehicle for many.

Many of the world’s automakers like Toyota used car Japanese have since entered the SUV market with their own models, indicating that there’s never been a better time to buy an SUV. The alternatives are numerous, ranging from the iconic Ford Kuga to the High-Tec Kia Sportage. There are small, medium, and large SUVs with similar characteristics, so you can select one that fits your needs.

Benefits Of Having An SUV

To explain the rise in demand for SUVs and to help you determine if the big-car lifestyle is suitable for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top five benefits of SUVs if you own one.


The first (and most obvious) advantage is the increased practicality that SUVs provide due to their larger frame, which allows you to move huge amounts of stuff without having to fold down the back seats. They can also carry more weight without being burdened down than a standard hatchback, which is great if you transport a lot of freight on a daily basis.


Honda cars for sale in Japan and many other SUVs are some of the safest automobiles on the road, and they frequently score well in Euro NCAP’s stringent crash testing due to their size.

SUVs can often withstand the force of a crash better than smaller cars because they are larger and heavier, lowering the risk of harm for all occupants.

Fuel Efficiency

As SUVs have grown in popularity, automakers have developed a better understanding of the typical SUV user, which explains why new vehicles are consistently returning higher fuel economy estimates. Because of the greater efficiency, new SUVs are now more adapted to everyday use rather than being completely off-road.

There are still a few high-powered SUVs available for people who value performance above efficiency, but SUVs have become more environmentally friendly than ever before, making them the ideal family vehicle.


While SUVs’ focus has evolved significantly to accommodate their owners’ lifestyles, their rugged essence has not been lost in the process. Not only does this mean that SUVs are often safer than other vehicles, but it also means that they can absorb the dings and knocks of everyday life more easily.

If you drive off-road frequently, SUVs are the perfect companion because they can handle tough terrain better.

Towing Capability

SUVs are some of the greatest cars for towing caravans and trailers, so it’s no surprise to see them hauling caravans and trailers, especially during the summer months when many people choose for a staycation.

Conclusion: What SUV Should I Buy?

Because there are so many options, there is no final answer as to which SUV you should buy. Nissan, Renault, and Dacia are among the many manufacturers that have made their imprint on the growing popularity of SUVs, which are appropriate for a variety of lifestyles and tasks. 


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