As we are in the modern trade world were import and export of things are normal but in the general trade also have some other things to view which make it risky for the business people and the direct buyer as well, because this kind of trade done between the countries and due to the border different things could be possible.

Some are the main risk associated and fraud-related matters criticize by the different businesses with different kinds of experiences with some Japanese vendors who pretend to be good exporters and car dealers but actually they are only available for fraud and cheating some of the techniques are as follows.

Dealing in what they don’t have

Most of the sellers and exporters are not the same and are not fraud but, in the quantity, some are the bad eggs who are putting dirt on the other fair traders as well, the fraud sellers mostly make all things as the real traders but at actual they are only making, they don’t have real cars and they are not mostly custodians as well.

Mostly they trap the people by presenting their fake product list in the product portfolio, further, they trap the customer like that in which customer even not recognized them, so based on this technique the customer trust them and get heavy loss by them, as they are only in the online the market just because of it.

Change in Parts & Specifications

Another way of doing fraud is to change the parts and per the confirmed specification which means could change original parts with the low quality and faulty parts, in that result, they can war more money against those parts but for the buyer, it is the big issue as they are paying for the real and perfect product but actually getting the faulty and bad product.

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Cheating in payment receiving

Most of the used cars from Japan are not bad and their dealers are also not bad in dealing but due to some bad dealers and their bad activities in the payment matter put shed on all dealers who are willing to work in this sector, actually, the bad dealers never confirm the payment receiving in their accounts.

They always pretend that’s have not received the payment and waste too much time which they use that money somewhere as which means the real buyer never get back that money which he or she pays to those dealers, this is the bad outcome of this industry which impacting bad on others as well.

Making of wrong documents

Dealing with Japanese used cars exporter is not easy as if they are not fair and trustable by the other customers to its means they are confirmed fraud they can sell the one car to many customers with fake documentations so handling documents with care is very essential.


On the basis of the above points, we can say that used cars exporter could be bad or good its depend on the customer how to filter it.