Tire Casing

We are a premium supplier of used tires brands from Japan

Our used car tires stock come with good quality, reasonable wear and physicla condition.

We can supply most premium Japanese brands including Bridgestone and Yokohama

Used TB Tires tread depth divided into 30% 50% 70% virgin and R1 tires.



Used truck & bus tire casings

19.5inch 9R19.5 A/B/R-1 Many
245/70R19.5 A/B/R-1 Many
265/70R19.5 A/B/R-1 Some
20inch 825N20 A/B/R-1 Some
825R20 A/B/R-1 Many
900N20 A/B/R-1 Many
900R20 A/B/R-1 Many
1000R20 14P A/B/R-1 Some
1000N20 A/B/R-1 Some
1100R20 A/B/R-1 Some
1200N20 A/B/R-1 Some
1200R20 A/B/R-1 Some
22.5inch 11R22.5 14P A/B/R-1 Many
11R22.5 16P A/B/R-1 Some
275/80R22.5 A/B/R-1 Many
275/70R22.5 A/B/R-1 Many
12R22.5 A/B/R-1 Many
295/80R22.5 A/B/R-1 Many
295/70R22.5 A/B/R-1 Few
10R22.5 A/B/R-1 Many
315/70R22.5 A/B/R-1 Few
285/60R22.5 A/B/R-1 Few
265/60R22.5 A/B/R-1 Few
315/80R22.5 A/B/R-1 Few
385/65R22.5 A/B/R-1 Many

Used light truck tire casings

15inch 600N15 A/B/R-1 Very few
600R15 A/B/R-1 Very few
650N15 A/B/R-1 Few
650R15 A/B/R-1 Few
700N15 A/B/R-1 Few
700R15 A/B/R-1 Few
750N15 A/B/R-1 Few
750R15 A/B/R-1 Few
825N15 A/B/R-1 Few
175/75R15 A/B/R-1 Some
185/75R15 A/B/R-1 Some
195/75R15 A/B/R-1 Some
15.5inch 185/70R15.5 A/B/R-1 Some
195/70R15.5 A/B/R-1 Some
16inch 650N16 A/B/R-1 Few
650R16 A/B/R-1 Many
700N16 A/B/R-1 Many
700R16 A/B/R-1 Many
750N16 A/B/R-1 Few
750R16 A/B/R-1 Very few
825N16 A/B/R-1 Very few
825R16 A/B/R-1 Very few
205/65R16 A/B/R-1 Very few
205/70R16 A/B/R-1 Many
205/75R16 A/B/R-1 Many
225/70R16 A/B/R-1 Many
225/75R16 A/B/R-1 Many
185/85R16 A/B/R-1 Many
195/85R16 A/B/R-1 Many
205/85R16 A/B/R-1 Many
215/85R16 A/B/R-1 Many
225/85R16 A/B/R-1 Many
17.5inch 205/60R17.5 A/B/R-1 Some
225/60R17.5 A/B/R-1 Some
195/70R17.5 A/B/R-1 Many
205/70R17.5 A/B/R-1 Many
215/70R17.5 A/B/R-1 Many
205/80R17.5 A/B/R-1 Many
225/80R17.5 A/B/R-1 Many
225/90R17.5 A/B/R-1 Some

Used Off The Road (OTR) tire casings

20inch 1300N20 A/B/R-1 Few
24inch 325/95R24 A/B/R-1 Some
1200R24 A/B/R-1 Many
1200N24 A/B/R-1 Many
1300N24 A/B/R-1 Many
1400R24 A/B/R-1 Many
1400N24 A/B/R-1 Many
25inch 15.5R25 A/B/R-1 Some
15.5N25 A/B/R-1 Some
17.5R25 A/B/R-1 Some
17.5N25 A/B/R-1 Some
20.5R25 A/B/R-1 Some
20.5N25 A/B/R-1 Some
23.5R25 A/B/R-1 Some
23.5N25 A/B/R-1 Some
26.5R25 A/B/R-1 Some
26.5N25 A/B/R-1 Some
20.5R25 A/B/R-1 Few
20.5N25 A/B/R-1 Some
29.5R25 A/B/R-1 Some
29.5N25 A/B/R-1 Many
385/95R25 A/B/R-1 Many
445/95R25 A/B/R-1 Many
505/95R25 A/B/R-1 Many
1400R25 A/B/R-1 Some
1400N25 A/B/R-1 Some
1600R25 A/B/R-1 Many
1600N25 A/B/R-1 Many
1800R25 A/B/R-1 Some
1800N25 A/B/R-1 Some
33inch 35/65R33 A/B/R-1 Few
35/65N33 A/B/R-1 Very few
1800R33 A/B/R-1 Very few
1800N33 A/B/R-1 Few
35inch 2100R35 A/B/R-1 Few
2100N35 A/B/R-1 Few
2400R35 A/B/R-1 Very few
2400N35 A/B/R-1 Very few
37.5R35 A/B/R-1 Very few


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