Used Tires

Get Used Tires from a High Quality Used Tires Supplier

Japan Motors Limited is a leading used tires supplier in Japan. We export used tires to many countries in the world from our headquarters are in Japan. We specialize in exporting used cars while we supply tires with over a million annual used tires in our supplier network.

Our function is to collect used tires, bases on buyer requirement, keep them and pass them all one after the other through robust quality control to ensure the highest quality. We have an extensive collection of used tires. Our tires are of high-quality, and we provide them in ideal condition.

We measure the depth for all tires and replace them when necessary. Tires are checked for any damages on the wheel, sidewall, and wheel nuts and bolts.

As a reliable used tires supplier, customer service is our top priority at Japan Motors Limited. You will get the answers you need courteously and promptly. As a registered organization, we rest assure that we ship your ordered tires as per our stringent quality process.

We provide tire collecting service for used car and truck tires in Japan. We export car tires to a lot of countries in the world. However, the primary component of them is exported as casings and second-hand tires to re-sellers or wholesalers globally.

Don’t worry. Leave your worries behind and let us handle your used tires needs from our warehouse to yours. Find out how easy it is to import new or used tires with us!

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