In Japan, cars trading is very common, and mostly in Japan basic trend is to use new cars. So, every new car mean needs to sell an old one because no much time to face loss due to deprecation. Further government of Japan also does not allow more than five-year-old vehicles on the roads. So, trading of cars on its peak.

The limitation from the government on the mileage and the year of usage means high-quality second-hand cars. These rules of Japan are to protect the environment and safety of car users. That good limitation from the Japanese government benefits other countries as well. As those are available in good quality at a cheap price.


1. Original cars

Japan cars are famous due to their quality and performance, furthermore, the clean and perfect use make it better. Mostly the cars from Japan don’t have any alteration as they are near to new because of five years limit. On good and clean roads with perfect traffic, handling has a low chance of damage and alteration.

Japanese users don’t need to do any kind of alteration as cars performance and look already best. So, the originality of the car is maximum because alteration and change or original parts give nothing to the seller. As all things are detectable by the computer and could down the sale value as well. Further frauds in cars are not acceptable in auctions.


2. Exact mileage detection

A good and strong system in the cars trade area detects maximum things even real mileage. So, in the auction, there is no chance to be fake on the mileage as well. Most of the car owners do changes with mileage due to good sell price. But they are unaware of the checking system of the auction in that all things are easily detectable.


3. Real auction

The auction in Japan is based on real facts and details, wrong information and details are not permitted. All the lists and the available models’ details are correct and fixed which means trustable and transparent. That is the reason Japan’s auction is based on the strong system which makes it attractive for the world market.


4. Filtration of accidental cars

The process of the sale in the auction automatically filters the rejected and accidental cars which makes it more trustable. More quality checks before entering the auction make things more perfect for the buyers. Because of that buyers can focus more on the other desirable things in depth.


5. Check the internal quality

Quality checking from inside depending on inspection by the auction authority because they don’t want any issue in goodwill. That means pre-control of the quality of all things makes it comfortable for buyers. Where they don’t need to worry about so many things small overview also enough for buying.


6. Many inventories

Due to the fast and trustable process, the number of sellers is coming which makes high inventory for buyer selection. Good inventory more options for the buyer to select the desired car. That allows the same model more verity which enables the buyer to select the best one from them. That creates more attraction to the buyers.


7. Verity of colors

Due to the good inventory and options, the variety of colors is obvious. The combination of attractions makes Japan Old Cars more desirable in the world.


8. Features and denting painting

Exporter of used cars prefers to check all aspects of cars before export. Because denting painting detection at the destination can hurt the business. The process of auction already filters many things but the export matter concern more for the quality control.


9. Fraud free

Japan used car traders are famous due to fraud-free trading. What they say and what is mentioned on the documents match hundred percent. That is a good sign of trust for the world’s buyers.