Keeping car windows clean is one of the most difficult goals to achieve. Anyone who owns a car can testify to how difficult it is to keep a car in a spot for a long time, because there are many things that cause a defect, such as rain or dirt accumulation. All types of glass are difficult to clean, and cars are included.

To make the car window look clean and clear, you need to work hard. And, even if you did get it earlier, you may still see some dirty marks after a few hours. This is an ungrateful job, but it is impossible to finish it. Read this article to learn how to use the product and the best way to clean car windows.

How to clean car windows?

Using water and soap to wash Japanese Honda cars for sale windows is one of the most effective ways to clean car windows and side windows. Please follow these steps carefully with soap and clean water:

  • Close all car windows to prevent water from entering the car.
  • Use high-pressure water to remove dust, dirt and other debris gathered from windows. This is the best way to add water without staining car windows.
  • Use a sponge or a soft cloth to add soft soap to the crystals. Cloth or fabric must be synthetic. In this way, there will be no leftovers and the finish of the car will be perfect.
  • Rinse the crystal with water and remove any soap scum.
  • Wait a few minutes for the car window to dry.
  • Finally, if you want to know how to clean the window air to keep it from dripping, please use a glass cleaner with the help of a dry cloth. If you leave the window untouched without this glass cleaner, the window may melt.

1. Ammonia, alcohol, and vinegar 

In addition to soap, there are many liquids that can be used to clean the best Toyota used cars in Japan windows. The procedure is the same as described in the previous section, but replace one of the following products with a neutral soap:

Ammonia: Drying car windows with ammonia is one of the most effective ways. Due to the toxic properties of this product, it should be used with caution, but it is the most effective car window cleaner.

Vinegar: Cleaners or people who buy alcohol and soap at the store can also clean car windows thoroughly, as alcohol will increase the shiny and toxic effect. Just add soap and wine to make this water.

Alcohol: Alcohol can remove dirt that has accumulated in windows. You should apply it after washing with soap and water. This is because, because alcohol dissolves quickly, it is useless for stubborn dirt.

2. Damp newspaper

In the crystal, dealers of second hand cars don’t pour water under pressure, so we have to use other methods. The best way to clean the car window is to use a wet newspaper, please follow these steps:

  • Use a bucket full of water and a towel or cloth to keep water out of the car window.
  • Clean the newspaper with soap and water.
  • Use waterproof sheets that go up and down to reach all the windows.
  • Rinse the crystal with clean water. Making this cloth can make the job easier and you can remove the soap.
  • Wait for the crystal to dry.
  • Finally, use a soft cloth to remove the residue from the shower. That way, you must show the front window of your car.

3. Dishwasher 

If you do not have or have access to the above products, you can use the product that is commonly used in all homes to clean windows: washing machine. If the dishwasher is used properly, it may also be effective:

  • Sprinkle water on the glass with a hose to remove dirt, dust and dirt.
  • Use a sponge or synthetic cloth to apply the toothpaste. The interior window of the car will accumulate fat over time, with this product, you will be able to remove it quickly.
  • Then, using a string, remove any remaining dishwashing detergent.
  • Let the crystals dry.
  • Finally, apply a glass towel and dry cloth to remove water and towels.