Car doesn’t give a good impression if it is not clean from every angle. Often, when we go out on the roads, we notice how a few cars are not given a complete wash for so long. These cars are dust-wrapped along with other dirt things that we can think of the person driving the car.

Exactly the appearance and maintenance of a car speaks a lot about the person who owns that car. If it is clean and washed, then we can think of the person to be well-organized and clean itself. But we cannot think of anything good for the person who doesn’t pay attention to the maintenance of its car. 

Like our shoes, tires also roll on the roads almost every day. Think of this situation for once; you are invited to a glamorous event. You are all set to go, having a branded clean attire, but your shoes are awful. They are dirty. Will it give a good impression? How will others think about you?

The same situation for your car, people take good care of their car such as washing, cleaning and making it, but they don’t pay attention to the tires because they think they will again get dirty when taken on roads.

No matter if you have bought a new car or got the branded car from used cars exporter, you still need to think of this way for your tires and wheels.

In this post, I will tell you how you can clean your tires and wheels to make your car stand out on the roads.

Tire Dressing In The Simplest Way

Before going into the process and procedure, we must realize that tires are real. Tire dressing is a process or combination of two or more procedures (includes both cleaner and shine) used to restore an old and let it become a shiny tire. It mainly cleans the wheels and tires.

Now, we will discuss all the procedures and the best method to apply a tire dressing technique.

1. Put out all the things

For the whole process, we may need a few things mentioned below.

  • Car Wash Soap (optional)
  • The best wheel cleaner
  • Quality wheel brush
  • Tire shiner

The first step is to wash your car tires with soap and water.

The application of soap is of choice since the main purpose of cleaning the wheels is to clean the wheels, but if we wash it with soap and water and then apply a wheel cleaner, it will bring special results.

2. Bring in the wheel cleaner

Now take out quality wheel cleaner and spread it out on your Toyota used cars wheels and use a brush to remove hard dirt. But keep in mind that the brush should not be too hard because it can break the wheels and it will result in another damage to your pocket.

Now let the wheel cleaner sit for about 2 minutes and then wash it off with clean water.

3. It is time to use the shiner

Once the second step is completed, you have to perform a real task.

At this step, you have to let your tires dry. It is time to apply a shiner to bring an ultimate shine on the wheels.

Use the same brush to clean the tire (and make sure the brush is clean even after cleaning the wheels). Now let the tire shine there for two minutes and then wash.

You won’t believe, but several Honda used cars dealers use the same technique to restore the shine of the tires and wheels.

4. Use the cloth to dry the tires

Now, try using a microfiber cloth or towel (preferably) to dry the wheels and tires so that you don’t see any traces of water on it. This is really important to avoid any marks on the tires.

After the complete process, here are some things you should know when you are a tire expert.

Types Of Tire Dressing You Should Know

Generally, there are two types of tire dressing which are water-based tire dressing and solvent-based tire dressing. It is basically also known as non-water-based tire dressing.

These are some of the benefits of every type of tire dressing that you should know.

1. Benefits Of Water-Based Tire Dressing

  • It is an environmental-friendly technique
  • Easy to use and control with minimal maintenance.
  • If it fits in the user or their clothing, it does not damage anything.
  • Give quick results

On the other hand, solvent-based technique needs proper care to clean the tires, as they are a mixture of various chemicals that can infect the human body.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages, whereas the mirror is hypocritical.

However, there are various advantages of solvent-based tire dressing too. Let’s check it out.

2. Benefits Of Solvent-Based Tire Dressing

  • They are more durable than those with water.
  • Provides increased water and dirt resistance.
  • It gives better results than that from water.

If you like a car and can handle it well, it is better to go for a solvent-based tire dressing technique because it is durable and brings out more shine on the tires than the other one.

But if you are new to this technique and have damaged your clothes by using a solvent-based tire dressing technique, the other one is more user-friendly.

If you are dealing with Nissan used cars for sell, then you must go with any of these techniques to save the deal.


It is recommended that you clean the tires and wheels every time you go to the car wash to show love for your car wheels.

But as long as you have concerns about the shine of the tires, it is enough that you put on a tire shiner once every two months.

This is how you can achieve the best look of the tires and wheels without much effort. It will not only give a good impression but a personal satisfaction that is everything is clean that portrays your personality too.