Step 1:

Select A Car, Agree On Price & Details

  • Find a car that you like from our stocks.
  • Send an inquiry to check & confirm price and other details.
  • Once you agree with price & details; Request for Invoice.

Step 2 – Day 1

Pay & Share TT Copy

  • Make a payment according to the Invoice.
  • Share the bank TT (telegraphic transfer) copy within 48 hours since the invoice was issued.
  • Reconfirm Consignee (next owner) details, if necessary.

Step 3 – Day 5

Receive Payment And Purchase Confirmationy

  • We will confirm money arrival at our bank and confirm your purchase.
  • Your money should reach our bank within 120 hours since the Invoice was issued.

Step 4 – Day 15

Receive Shipment Details & BL

  • We will provide the shipment details in around 10 days from the money receipt confirmation. We need this time because we need to reserve a place for your car on a ship to your port.
  • We will send you the original BL by post (DHL/FedEx/ etc.) soon after the shipment leaves Japan.

Step 5 – Day 45

Receive The Car

With the BL sent to you, you will be able to receive the car at your port.