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Japan Motors where you can find vehicles from Japan to sell around the world.

You can find in this site not only many well-known cars exporters, also you can buy brand new cars from the local dealers in Japan. Local car dealers vehicles are not normally sold for export, making the stock list more exciting and useful. As such, you have a huge and varied collection to choose from, which makes browsing experience more enjoyable. 

The most impressive feature on the site is that you can compare the total price (CIF) for all listed vehicles. like that you can find the right car at your budget.

The superior quality of Japanese vehicles are well known throughout the world. Even vehicles with 100,000 km have high performance and are problem free due to strict maintenance regulations and careful attention given to Japanese vehicles. 

We understands that not everyone is comfortable with paying upfront for vehicles without knowing exactly what they might receive in exchange. Unfortunately, not every exporter in Japan is honest.

Looking to make excellent customer service and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Please let me know your request of car and let us find you the best price.


Company Name

Japan Motors Co., LTD.
Address 296-1 Kitahiroshima City, Kita no Sato Hokkaido Japan.
Tel English +81-11-206-6790
Tel Japanese  +81-11-522-9586
Fax +81-11-522-9586
Skype  kais.jml
President & CEO  Kais Damra
Established 1st June 2007
Bank Details View bank details
Staff 20 people
Trade Name Japan Motors Co., LTD.
Email info@japanmotorsltd.com
Second Email sales@japanmotorsltd.com
Website http://www.japanmotorsltd.com/
Business Outline   Export of Vehicles, Machinery, Tires and Parts.   
Object of Study  

Analyzing/ Pricing/ Finding/ Sale of used vehicles.    





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